Multi-purpose Steriliser NL005A/B/C

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Multi-purpose Steriliser (Large)


  • Suitable for use in restaurants, cafes, eateries, hotels, larger scale food preparation areas, etc.

  • Different compartment sections in the steriliser for easy segregation

  • Chopping boards, knives, aprons, all types of kitchen tools and overgarments can be placed inside the steriliser and easily sanitised through ultraviolet sterilisation and hot-air drying function

  • 3 Designs available: Design A, B & C



Product Specifications

  • Size: 160cm (L) x 59cm (W) x 190cm (H)

  • Power Consumption: 2370 W

  • Capacity:

    • Design A: 7 Aprons, 7 Overgarments, 7 Pairs of Rubber Boots

    • Design B: 10 Knives, 5 120cm Chopping Boards, 15 Pairs of Rubber Gloves, 15 Dishcloths, Kitchen Tools

    • Design C: 7 Aprons, 12 Knives, 5 90cm Chopping Boards, 10 Pairs of Rubber Gloves, 15 Dishcloths, Kitchen Tools

Product Functions

  • Ultraviolet sterilisation

  • Dryer function

  • Temperature & Timer settings

  • 4~9 compartments with fixed shelving depending on design

  • Button keypad

  • High-grade stainless steel material

  • Plasma ioniser - Optional

  • Note: Able to change internal composition of fixed shelving and compartments upon request


About Us

Maroon Connection is a Singapore-based company and we provide the latest and most efficient hygiene solutions through state-of-the-art ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilisation technology to various sectors.

We help preschools improve their productivity, operational efficiencies and overall hygiene levels.

Apart from improving productivity and hygiene in the early childhood sector, we also strive to bring high-quality, value-added products to other sectors like the food & beverage and medical sectors while improving safety and convenience.

Currently, we specialise in commercial use ultraviolet sterilisers and F&B related kitchen equipment. We intend to expand our range of products in the future to serve these sectors - early childhood, food & beverage and medical.

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Multi-purpose Steriliser | Large Series