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Toothbrush & Cup Ultraviolet (UV-C) Steriliser - 24

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Toothbrush & Cup Ultraviolet (UV-C) Steriliser - 24

SKU: TBC_024

  • Suitable for use in preschools, childcare centers, kindergartens, student care centers, schools, early intervention centers, therapy centers, etc.

  • Toothbrush sanitation management has never been easier with the "Denti-Care" series

  • Toothbrush and cups can be placed inside the ultraviolet (UV-C) steriliser and easily sanitised


Main Features - Toothbrush Steriliser -


Product Specifications

  • Size: 53cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 32cm (H)

  • Power Consumption: 12 W

  • Capacity: 24 toothbrush & 24 cups

  • Weight: ~7kg

Product Functions

  • Ultraviolet sterilisation

  • Fan ventilation drying function

  • Magnetic safety sensor

  • Stand-alone or wall-mountable

  • Material - ABS Plastic (Exterior) and High-grade stainless steel (Interior)

  • Beautiful two-tone colour design - Pearl silver with Light Blue or Pink


Toothbrush Ultraviolet (UV-C) Steriliser
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