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Client Testimonials

See what some of our clients have to say below about our ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilisers


Ms. Nurul Izzah,


NTUC My First Skool @

Jurong West Street 41

The toy steriliser has helped the teachers and aunties tremendously. It has helped to shorten the period of washing, rinsing and waiting for it to dry.

It does not disrupt their planning time and they can sterilise different types of toys like plastic, cloth & foam.


The staff that attends to us and the service was great; Learnt new info about the product.

little mighty me.png

Ashlyn Koh,

Little Mighty Me

The steriliser has help us to cut down lots of time that we previously had to spend waiting for the toys to dry.

We like that the product is simple and easy to use and has various safety features to ensure that the user and children are safe.

I would highly recommend this product to others in the industry.

NTUC Health.jpg

Center Supervisor &
Community Nurse

NTUC Health Silver Circle @
Bukit Batok West

We were quite worried about the increase in infection due to COVID19 and the sanitisation process has always been very tedious due to the large volume of items to be cleaned daily. 


However with this steriliser, it has saved us a lot of time and is simple to use for all ages. Highly recommended to other industries.

Very user - friendly and we have recommended this to another center (Henderson) too.

Little Skool House.jpg

Ms. Daphne Cher,

Little Skool House International @
Downtown-East - Pasir Ris

Little Skool House International - Downtown East center has been using the steriliser for over a year and we enjoyed it and have also shared with other branches of Little Skool House for their reference :)

We highly recommend this product to others in the industry.


Sharin Keong,
Senior Teacher

Wharton Preschool @
Serangoon North

The toy steriliser definitely help save the teachers a huge amount of time spent to sanitize the toys/teaching resources/materials.


Prior to the steriliser, teachers had to wash and lay out the toys to dry and that is time consuming.

With the toy steriliser in place, teachers can have their mind at ease/do other curriculum planning while waiting for the steriliser to do its magic!

The safety feature is also another plus point! We do not have to worry that teachers/children will come into contact with the UV light when the door is open.

Great product thus far!

Arc Children.jpg

Ms. Geraldine Lee &
Ms. Ronita Paul
Co-Founders & Centre Manager

Arc Children's Centre

The most helpful, convenient and effective machine. Really glad we got it as it is effective in our constant battle against infections, especially for children here who are battling cancer.

We are very happy and satisfied with this product. Am very glad that we got it has helped us a lot in sterilising our toys and other equipment.

Service and maintenance team are wonderful, prompt and friendly.


Highly recommended

for everyone to use.

MOE Kindergarten Logo - Frontier.jpg


MOE Kindergarten @

The machine is good and well maintained. Good service!

We also like that the steriliser is simple and convenient to use, has timer settings for automated use and temperature settings to dry the toys.

It saves time overall in sanitisation and drying of the toys.


Ms. Darnyza Daud,


NTUC My First Skool @

54 Chin Swee

My cleaning aunties are using the steriliser on a daily basis. It is very convenient to use. They only need to place the toys inside and they can leave the items and do other things.

The safety features is also a plus as we are assured that the children will not be hurt.

We are very satisfied with the product and highly recommend it to others in the industry.

Capella Preschool.jpg

Assistant Teacher &


Capella Preschool

Simple and easy to use.

Safety features like UV light

cuts off when door is open

is a good feature.

Timer system is

another good feature too.

Jolly Owl Schoolhouse.png

Ms. Valarine Ng,

Operations Executive

Jolly Owl Schoolhouse @


I like your product as it is user friendly.

It can easily perform the sterilizing job. It also helps us to minimise our time of cleaning the materials.

I would recommend my management to get your products if we have another branch.


Ms. Suriani Muhd,
Resource Assistant

AWWA School @
Resource Centre Library

The toy steriliser is simple and easy to use. We have no issues using it.

It helps us to save time and it is manageable.

We are satisfied with using this product.


Ms. Tan Li Li,


NTUC My First Skool @

85 Whampoa Drive

It is easy for aunties to use. Convenient and not time consuming.

It helps with better cleaning and sanitisation for the toys and materials.

The machine gives a modern outlook and its performance is great.

It helps to save a lot of time. I would highly recommend this to others.


Ms. Jefference Tay,
Associate Teacher

Trehaus Preschool @
Funan Mall

Using this steriliser makes sanitizing quality consistent which will be varied if done by different individuals.

It is simple and convenient to use.

Recommend this product to others

in the childcare industry.


Ms. Siti Fatimah,

Kidz Meadow Childcare @

Bedok North

The product assists us with sanitising almost all of the toys in the center.

It also helps to sanitise the cutleries which is convenient for our cook, cleaners and teachers in the center.

We are satisfied with using this product.

MOE Kindergarten Logo - West Spring.jpg

Mdm Siti Khadijah,
Operations Support Officer

MOE Kindergarten @

West Spring

The machine provides protection from harmful infection to keep our students' toys free from bacteria and harmful diseases.

It is easy to use and it helps to create a safe environment for our students.


Ms. Nurul Natasya,
Senior Early Years Educator

E-Bridge Preschool @
78 Edgedale Plains

It has been great having a steriliser to help in ensuring the hygiene of our toys, cloth and books in school as we mainly use it to ensure the cleanliness of our resources.

The installer helped us to set it and we find it really convenient.


Montessori Teacher &

Chinese Teacher

Wharton Preschool @

East Coast

It is good, convenient and effective to use, almost all types of materials can go into the machine.

I would highly recommend the steriliser to others in the industry.



SPD Logo.png

The sterilizer is convenient to use.

It is a very cool equipment.

It gives a peace of mind in ensuring the cleanliness of our toys.

It is very easy to use and safe and it is also time effective.

This product help reduce sanitization time, easier to clean items. We have more time to prepare for classes or other activities.

Zion Bishan Kindercare.jpg

Mrs. Serene Chang,

Zion Bishan Kindercare @
Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church

Convenient to use. Saves time.

Teachers are happy with the steriliser.

We are satisfied with the steriliser and recommend this to others within the industry!


Mrs. May Tham,
Founder / Clinical Director

Leapfrogs Children's
Therapy Centre

So far the staff have been using the steriliser diligently and have no complaints.

It is handy and convenient, time saving!


Ms. Nurhuda & Ms. Nur Atiqah,

Kidz Meadow Childcare @

Pasir Ris

It has helped us tremendously in terms of sanitising our toys / any objects.

It is not time consuming; we can do work at the same time.

Great innovation!

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