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For Schools and Food & Beverage Hospitality


Check out our range of ultraviolet steriliser cabinets for chopping boards, knives, utensils, kitchen attire, all types of kitchen tools, etc.

  • Suitable for use in schools, canteens, central kitchens, restaurants, cafes, eateries, food courts, hotels

  • Utensils that are not properly sanitised can cause potential food contamination and lead to food poisoning and other bacteria infections like  E. Coli and Salmonella

  • All types of cutlery, including metal and bamboo straws can be placed inside the steriliser and easily sterilised through high heat


Utensils Steriliser

Utensils Steriliser

Note: Larger capacities are available upon special request and order

Utensils Steriliser US04

Utensils Steriliser US06

Utensils Steriliser

Utensils Steriliser US08