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Delizio Catering food hygiene grade cut to 'C' after food poisoning incident

File photo of a Delizio Catering buffet. (Photo: Facebook / Delizio Catering)

SINGAPORE: Delizio Catering has had its food hygiene grade cut to "C" after an incident of food poisoning in December.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said in a notice on its website that 18 people reported having gastroenteritis symptoms after consuming food provided by Delizio Catering on Dec 12, 2018.

"Foodborne pathogens were detected in stool samples of those affected," it said.

SFA added it has lowered the food caterer’s food hygiene grade to “C” from Jun 3, to be reviewed in 12 months, and will keep the premises located at Burn Road under surveillance.

A spokesman from the caterer said that the food poisoning incident happened during a corporate social responsibility event for one of its customers. 

"We sponsored a buffet for free and did a musical programme for their Christmas party," she said.  

"After the incident, we have reviewed and took action to improve our processes, from receiving of raw ingredients to delivery of food to customers."

She added that the catering service has tightened its processes to prevent future incidents, while SFA confirmed that Delizio has rectified the lapses.

SFA also reminded food operators to adhere to good food hygiene practices.

"Temperature control helps to keep food safe by preventing harmful bacteria from multiplying to unsafe levels," 

"Bacteria grow most rapidly between 5 degree Celsius and 60 degree Celsius. Hence, it is important to always keep hot food above 60 degree Celsius and cold food below 5 degree Celsius."

According to its website, Delizio is the catering arm of the FG Culinary Group which also runs restaurants chains, and provides food processing and distribution services. It caters Western, Chinese, Indian and Turkish food.

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