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[Featured] 玩具用具定期消毒 让孩童安全复课

Updated: Jan 31

We are featured on Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 Front Page on 28th May 2020, Thursday.

The headline reads:

“Sterilise toys and stationeries regularly so that the kids can resume lessons safely.”

Translated article about the steriliser:

“A preschool located in Sengkang West is utilising an ultraviolet toy steriliser in preparation to resume lessons next week.

All NTUC My First Skool centres will be installing ultraviolet sterilisers to disinfect toys, study materials and other frequently used items at the end of each day.”

Steriliser Featured: Toy Ultraviolet Steriliser - TS_S02 Stainless Silver Series






[Source: Zaobao Newspaper -]

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