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[Featured - Life @ First Campus - My First Skool COVID-Safe ABCs]

Updated: Jan 31

We are featured on NTUC My First Campus Facebook Page on 2nd June 2020!

As part of NTUC My First Skool's COVID-Safe ABCs safety measures, all centres have been installed with our commercial ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilisers to keep their children safe.

Steriliser featured in this video: Toy Ultraviolet Steriliser - TS_S02 Stainless Silver Series


We are excited to have our children back to school today! Here’s a video on the measures we’ve put in place and some of the additional measures we’ve taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our children at NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool:

- Installation of commercial UV sterilisers in all its centres to sterilise commonly used items such as toys, stationery and kitchen equipment

- Preparation of mask holders and hand sanitisers for all our children

[ Source: Life @ First Campus - Inspiring Young Lives - ]

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