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  • Ultraviolet (UV-C) Steriliser Cabinets

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Our Products
Sectors We Serve

We offer a wide range of commercial use ultraviolet (UV-C) steriliser cabinets and ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection lighting systems that can easily sterilise toys, books, electronics, toothbrushes, sports equipment, musical instruments, study materials, key cards, remote controllers, cups, chopping boards & knives, kitchen tools, utensils, dishcloths, overgarments, clothing, cleanroom and kitchen attire, rubber boots and shoes, beauty salon tools, etc. over a wide range of sectors and high-traffic areas.

Early Childhood &
Childcare centers,

Student care,
Study Corners, Early Intervention & Therapy Centers, Libraries, Universities,
Schools, Museums
Senior Care
Food & Beverage Hospitality
Beauty, Spas & Recreation
Eldercare centers,
Nursing homes,
Senior day activity centers, Dementia daycare centers, social services and non-profit organisations
Restaurants, Cafes,
Food courts, Eateries, Canteens, Office Pantries,
Corporate Cafeterias,
Serviced Apartments,
Central Kitchens,

Food manufacturing & preparation facilities
Paediatric Clinics,
TCM Clinics,
Wellness Centers,
Speech Therapy Centers, Dentists,

Research &
Healthcare labs,
Clean rooms
Beauty spa salons,
Hair salons,
Manicures & pedicure parlors, Country Clubs, Gyms, Board Games / Video Games Cafes, Karaoke Lounges, Cruises
As Featured On
Channel 8 News Video Screenshot.png

Channel 8 News​第8播道 新闻

30 January 2023, Monday

We are featured on Mediacorp Channel 8 on 30th January 2023!


Singapore's first permanent toy library and a meditation pod are being featured in Punggol Regional Library which is newly opened today!

Channel 8 News Article Screenshot.png

Channel 8 News​第8播道 新闻

30 January 2023, Monday

We are featured on Mediacorp Channel 8 on 30th January 2023!

National Library Board's newly opened Punggol Regional Library has a Toy Library which features Braille toys and toy ultraviolet sterilizers for parents to self-sanitise toys and study materials

Page 3.jpg

Facebook Page

30 January 2023, Monday

We are proud to install our sterilisers at National Library Board's newly opened Punggol Regional Library!

Our commercial ultraviolet sterilisers safeguard NLB patrons' health and give parents a peace of mind in terms of cleanliness and hygiene

Channel 8 News.jpg

Channel 8 News​第8播道 新闻

02 June 2020, Tuesday

We are featured on Mediacorp Channel 8 on 2nd June 2020!

[Covid-19] Kindergartens strictly enforce safety measures, attendance rate is about 70%

Today Online 005.jpg



02 June 2020, Tuesday

We are featured on TODAYonline on 2nd June 2020!

As part of NTUC My First Skool's COVID-19 safety measures, all centers have been installed with ultraviolet sterilisers to thoroughly sanitise commonly shared items such as toys.

Zaobao Newspaper.jpg

Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报

28 May 2020, Thursday

We are featured on Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 Front Page.


The headline reads:

“Sterilise toys and stationeries

regularly so that the kids can resume

lessons safely.”

Our Clients

We serve preschools, kindergartens, childcare centers, student care centers, libraries, schools, universities, early intervention centers, therapy centers, food & beverage hospitality, eateries, hotels, country clubs, eldercare centers, senior day care activity centers, food manufacturing and preparation sites, hospitals, clinics, medical healthcare, public sector, social services and non-profit organisations, etc. all around Singapore and within the region

NTUC My First Skool
National University Hospital
Little Skool House
Wharton Preschool
NTUC Health
MOE Kindergarten
Jewel Changi Airport
National Library Board
Client Testimonials

See what some of our clients have to say below about our ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilisers


Ms. Nurul Izzah,


NTUC My First Skool @

Jurong West Street 41

The toy steriliser has helped the teachers and aunties tremendously. It has helped to shorten the period of washing, rinsing and waiting for it to dry.

It does not disrupt their planning time and they can sterilise different types of toys like plastic, cloth & foam.


The staff that attends to us and the service was great; Learnt new info about the product.

little mighty me.png

Ashlyn Koh,


Little Mighty Me


The steriliser has help us to cut down lots of time that we previously had to spend waiting for the toys to dry.

We like that the product is simple and easy to use and has various safety features to ensure that the user and children are safe.

I would highly recommend this product to others in the industry.

NTUC Health.jpg

Center Supervisor &
Community Nurse

NTUC Health Silver Circle @
Bukit Batok West

We were quite worried about the increase in infection due to COVID19 and the sanitisation process has always been very tedious due to the large volume of items to be cleaned daily. 


However with this steriliser, it has saved us a lot of time and is simple to use for all ages. Highly recommended to other industries.

Very user - friendly and we have recommended this to another center (Henderson) too.

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